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Hello, my name is Andrew Bowring and I am the new owner and senior adviser at Paysafe. It has been a long journey to Paysafe and I do hope that you enjoy the ride from now on.
Paysafe is the coming together of two businesses, the first being my personal clients who have followed me across from my previous role, and second are the existing clients of Paysafe who were previously advised by Rod and Noel Lethborg.
We have now transitioned Paysafe into a diverse financial planning business with expertise in:
• Superannuation and Pensions
• Cash Flow Planning
• Estate Planning
• Centrelink
• Retirement Planning
• Investment

Our task is to take the worry and stress out of your financial life – we want you to live and love your retirement without ever looking back with regret. We want you to live your best life, and making your money work for you is the object of the exercise.
At Paysafe we want to deliver simplicity, clarity and transparency to your financial life. In our meetings we use audio visual tools, videos and power point presentations to help you understand exactly how we add value. We want you to fully understand our recommendations and how those recommendations deliver a financial advantage to you.
After all, it is about YOU.
So, I look forward to meeting you, advising you and taking you on a journey.


Superannuation and Pensions

We have expertise in managing your superannuation accounts as well as advice around Account Based Pensions. This includes contribution types, concessional or non-concessional, downsizer contributions. Also, investment and platform selection including full risk profiling assessment and implementation. With regard to pensions, we can advise on pension types and annuities, maximum and minimum draw down rates and the long-term depletion of your pension assets.

Cash Flow Planning

An important component in the financial planning process is cash flow planning -determining how much you really need in retirement and then adjusting your income flows to match that need. We like to see our clients start off with a set balance and then monitor that balance over time adjusting income flows when we see the balance falling or rising.

Estate Planning

Following changes in financial planning legislation we are obliged to assess the impact of our recommendations on succeeding generations. When you do finally pass away you need to know that there will be a smooth transfer of your assets to your heirs. A firmly established Estate Plan is the cornerstone of good financial planning. You might like to ensure that your assets follow your bloodline, you may wish to provide for charities, whatever your requirements we can help you design an Estate Plan that works for you.


Dealing with Centrelink can be stressful, particularly for some of our older clients. We can take the stress out of dealing with Centrelink and provide you with advice on how to maximise your entitlements.

Retirement Planning

Having a planned retirement is so important, making sure that you have enough income to live the life in retirement that you want to. Our planning involves really understanding what you want to achieve and then developing a plan that delivers the desired outcome. We prepare detailed modelling that helps you to understand exactly what your retirement will look like.


We live in a world with a myriad of investment options, which one is the right one for you? Using detailed research, we are able to navigate you through the investment universe to find the right solution from Fixed Interest to Shares and Property we find the right balance to deliver the income and growth that you need.

Have any questions?

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